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Whether you are a music fanatic, love to look back at old pictures, a gamer, an online shopper, a social net-worker, or just enjoy browsing the web, it is more important than ever to secure your home PC and technology. Equipping your personal computer with the proper anti-virus is a key step that all computer owners should take to avoid permanent damage. The issues can vary from losing all your personal files, music, pictures, and documents, and identity theft, and severely damaging your computer. Once you are to this level, it is nearly impossible to repair. Applied Micro will be your safety net when you need it most; we have the software, hardware, and knowledgeable team to reduce the risk of it happening to you.

Along with the anti-virus protection, it is also imperative to keep your computer running at an optimal speed. Like your vehicle, or any machine, your computer needs to be “kept up” with tune-ups and cleanings to extend the lifespan of the machine and to keep it operating efficiently.

Applied Micro will evaluate your computer and be your one-stop shop for maintenance, service, and repairs.

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